Bag in Box Pumps

2125 Duplex AC Bag in Box Pump

Model No.: 2125 Series

  • Built-in vacuum switch shuts off automatically when bag is empty and restarts when bag is connected
  • Pressure switch allows pump to turn on and off automatically when dispensing valve is opened or closed
  • Self-priming up to 6 ft (1.8m)
  • Runs dry without damage


Designed for dispensing Bag-in-Box syrups, juice concentrate (without pulp or particulate), teas, Bag-in-Box wines and liquor. Ideal for use in mobile carts and vending applications where CO2 is not available.
Flow Rate up to 1oz/Sec (29.5ml/Sec)
Pressure Switch Setting   50 or 90 (psi) 3.4 or 6.2 (bar)
Port Type 1/4 IN (6.3MM) NPT, female
Voltage 115 & 230 (VAC)
Frequency 50/60 (Hz)
Motor Type Permanent magnet with solid state rectifier
Optional Features Recommended duty cycle: 25%

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