Booster Systems

4 Gallon Water Booster System

Flojet‘s 4 Gallon Water Boost Systems are designed to ensure the highest drink quality, optimal pour rates, and equipment longevity.

Model No.: 2830 Series

  • Flojet’s water boost systems provide stable water flow to dispensing equipment, handling peak demand and any water pressure fluctuations.
  • 4 Gallon capacity tank with replaceable bladder
  • System design provides superior draw down performance.
  • Exceptional pump life and reliability
  • Safeguards against carbonator pump starvation and damage from insufficient water supply.


  • Beverage dispense systems
  • Carbonators, ice machines, water dispensers
  • Water filtration systems
  • Non-carbonated drink dispensing valves
  • Coffee and tea brewers
Amp Draw 115V AC – 0.9 amp
230V AC – 0.5 amp (amp)
Frequency 50/60 (Hz)
Temperature Range 40-120 (°F)
Flow Rate 1.5 (gpm)
5.7 (lpm)
Max. Liquid Inlet Pressure 30 (psi)
2.1 (bar)
Max. Discharge Pressure 6 (bar)
87 (psi)
Capacity Tank – 4 gallons (15l)
Bladder – 2 gallons @3.5bar (Gallons)