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Flowtronex offers a wide spectrum of packaged pumping systems and pump controls for the golf, landscape, municipal potable & wastewater, retrofit, and reverse osmosis/membrane filtration businesses.

Our product offering includes, but is not limited to, booster systems, vertical turbine, horizontal split case, variable frequency drives (VFDs), multiple pumps, end-suction, pressure reducing valve (PRV) systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC), SCADA & remote telemetry, reverse osmosis, desalination, membrane filtration, fertigation and more.

  • Control Systems

    Allen Bradley 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 (Obsolete)

    For Silent Storm Pump Systems not equipped with MCA, Flowtronex uses the Allen Bradley 5/03 Processor based PLC. These…
  • Vertical Turbine

    End Suction

    Stainless Steel, cast Iron or cast iron/bronze-fitted construction in standard configurations. Close coupled, frame…
  • Variable Speed Pumping Systems

    FloBoy M Pumping System

    FloBoy is the system of choice for small to mid-size lift, boost and well pump applications (large sports turf, business…
  • Variable Speed Pumping Systems

    FloBoy S Pumping System

    Ideal for smaller landscape, residential and commercial projects. FloBoy is the system of choice for small to mid-size…
  • Variable Speed Pumping Systems

    Horizontal Pump Station Silent Storm

    The Flowtronex Silent Storm represents the apex of variable speed water pumping system technology. Designed for easy set…
  • Variable Speed Pumping Systems

    Horizontal Split Case

    Horizontal Split Case (HSC) pumps for clear water transfer and boost applications. Standard construction materials…
  • Control Systems

    OASIS 2 (Obsolete – Replaced by OASIS g2)

    Available for delivery within one week, Flowtronex’ Oasis2 Retrofit Control Panel adds computerized control to any…
  • Control Systems

    OASIS g2

    Flowtronex’ OASIS g2 controller adds computerized control to any fixed speed or variable speed pump station…
  • Control Systems

    PACE™ Integrated Pump Controller

    As operators struggle with diminishing water quality and availability, rising energy costs and pressures to increase…
  • Control Systems


    Although many people equate SCADA with telemetry, SCADA Systems can be much more than simple telemetry. Modern systems…
  • Variable Speed Pumping Systems

    Silent Storm Express (SSE)

    Introducing the NEW Silent Storm Express (SSE), a brand new golf course pump station that is available for delivery in 4…
  • Control Systems


    Flowtronex embraces current technologies to ensure optimum communication and control while providing the most expedient…