Shower & Sink Drain Pumps

50880 Series Shower & Sink Drain Pump

Robust Single Diaphragm Design Sink & Shower Drain Pump

Jabsco and Rule’s broad range of pump types means that we can provide a choice of solutions according to your needs and budget. Diaphragm pumps such as 50880 and PAR-Max are the choice of charter operators — quiet and dry running. Many knowledgeable owners still appreciate the ability of our Puppy Pumps to handle a wide range of debris.

  • GPM (16 LPM) open flow output at 3ft² (1m) head.
  • Self-priming up to 10ft² (3m) vertical lift allows mounting above wet bilges.
  • Flexible installation.
  • Compact and simple design.
  • Filter-less.
  • Quiet running.
  • Capable of extensive dry running.
  • Corrosion-resistant parts.
  • Complies with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection).
  • ISO 8849 MARINE (Bilge Pump Standard).
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