Morton Grove, IL — May 12, 2004
Bell & Gossett has introduced the new 70X variable speed pumping system for pressure booster applications. 70X packages are designed to provide low initial cost, outstanding reliability, and lower life cycle cost.

Using the latest proven software technology, the 70X introduces the concept of combining a variable speed lead pump with one or two constant speed lag pumps. The 70X allows the operation of multiple pumps in parallel, discharging into a common header that supplies a domestic water piping system. Variable speed pumping allows the discharge pressure of the pump to precisely match the actual system requirement.

A typical 70X package includes up to three vertically mounted Bell & Gossett Series1531 pumps with a check valve on the discharge of the variable speed pump, and one or two constant speed lag pumps, each with a pressure reducing valve. In common installations, such as multi-level buildings and schools, the system adapts to water needs as they vary over the course of the day and throughout the changing seasons.

The 70X system is controlled by the Bell & Gossett Technologic 500X pump controller that combines a variable speed drive and pump controller. The Technologic 500X uses a combination of kW, pressure and speed to calculate the most efficient operation and maintain a pre-programmed set point.

With its variable speed lead pump, the new 70X can obtain energy savings unmatched by a constant speed booster. The energy and operating cost savings with the use of the 70X variable/constant pressure boosting system can often produce a payback of energy cost within a year.

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the 70X requires only suction and discharge connections and one power connection. It also requires minimal floor space and can be transported easily through doorways, making it ideal for retrofitting.

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