Chicago, IL — August 18, 2004
Hoffman Specialty®, a unit of ITT Industries, has announced enhancements to its popular ESP-PLUS® Steam Component Selection Program. Updates to two parts of the program will assist engineers and installers by making the steam component selections process easier.

The first update provides the Steam Specialties Component Selector module with additional features allowing greater user compatibility in several areas including:

• A graphical input screen allows users to select which station valve arrangement and which control pilots they want in their Pressure Reducing Valve Station
• The Steam Trap Selector Module has been updated to include all current Hoffman Specialty steam trap models, and uses a new selection methodology for sizing condensate traps after a modulating temperature regulator
• Users can select a specific temperature regulator actuator to use in conjunction with their selected temperature regulator valve body
• An optional Selection Report is available to document system conditions and provide details about selected components as well as specification wording specific to the selected components.

The second update to the ESP-PLUS system is the introduction of the new Steam Station module. This module allows users to:

• Insert basic data to calculate heat and steam loads
• Size and select each steam station component, using the calculated loads, through:
– Steam Specialties Component Selectors
– Steam Heat Exchanger Sizing module
– Condensate Return Pump Sizing module
• Monitor their progress in making all steam station component selections through a combination of aids, which shows users which components they have or have not selected
• Size steam and condensate return pipe sizes going into and out of the heat exchanger
• Print or save a “bid ready” detail specification for the complete steam station that gives specification wording for each selected component

These changes enhance the user’s ability to specify and select steam products. The combination of new selection modules gives users the most useful and complete steam component selection tool in the industry.

For more information about the ESP-PLUS Steam Specialties updates, contact Hoffman Specialty at (773) 267-1600, or visit http://www.hoffmanspecialty.com.

Hoffman Specialty, a unit of ITT Industries, is a leading manufacturer of steam traps, regulators and valves for residential, commercial and industrial applications. For more information about the company’s products or services, contact Hoffman Specialty, 3500 N. Spaulding Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618; phone (773) 267-1600; fax (773) 267-0991; Internet address http://www.hoffmanspecialty.com.