Pump link, the pumping system and the PC dialogue together

The “Wasserverband Stendal-Osterburg WVSO” – The Association of Stendal-Osterburg District pumping stations – pumps drinking water to 120 municipalities in the Altmark Stendal District and treats the respective waste waters. Not counting the cities of Stendal and Tangermünde, the distribution basin covers a district with 72,000 inhabitants in an area of around 80 km2. This obviously requires no little amount of power to pump the approximately 3 million cubic meters of drinking water necessary each year at a pressure of 4 – 5 Bar while ensuring problem-free flow at the same time.

The 70 collaborators in the 13 pumping stations, conditioning systems, and the central Wasserverband WVSO plant in Osterburg have renewed and modernised their networks of piping, wells, tanks, and pumps in recent years with investments of 2 million Euros each year. The renovation process should be completed and cover even the final areas where gaps in distribution still exist sometime in the next two years.

Ms. Ahrens, WVSO drinking water engineer, can safely affirm today that not only has the company proven capable of constantly improving the quality of both water distribution and treatment, it has also made progress in keeping costs low at the same time.

New procedures in the techniques for long-distance distribution and surveillance together with energy savings made possible by HYDROVAR® system pump speed control have contributed to the decrease in operating costs.

The adaptation of the Altenzaun water company to modern standards required a special system developed for specific needs that performs both the pressurisation and delivery of water for fire-fighting reasons. The water company pumps both the drinking water and the water used to extinguish any fires that start to a company that makes cellulose among its clients. The water required by this new company that now stands in the area originally destined to the new hospital is tapped from the Elba River.

In order to satisfy all these requirements at once, the offer submitted by Lowara was chosen, an offer that consists in the supply of a GT 30 HV SV 3004 pump system with speed regulation composed of three high-pressure vertical pumps for normal operation equipped with PumpLink remote-control and HYDROVAR® frequency converter with the additional possibility of inserting a Series FCS pump in the line for use in case of fire.

This technical solution that adopts the patented HYDROVAR® frequency converter and the respective remote-control by PumpLink via PC have provided excellent practical results. The current connection line is being substituted during this period by a GSM line.

This system also permitted the maximum application of the additional improvement offered by the HYDROVAR system that provides the possibility to insert a pump on the basis of a second nominal value: whenever a fire is started, a Series FCS pump automatically starts working in the moment that a determined flow volume is exceeded.

The customer has noticed with satisfaction that this new system is also extremely compact and does not require complicated control panels.


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