Chicago, IL — August 2, 2005.
Hoffman Specialty®, a unit of ITT Industries, has updated its web-based ESP-PLUS® Steam Component Selection Program. The new, enhanced program (at www.hoffmanspecialty.com) makes it even easier for engineers and installers to quickly and accurately choose the components they need, and save the information for their records. Hoffman Specialty steam pressure reducing valves, steam traps and steam and water temperature regulators can all be selected with just a few keystrokes.

• Pressure Reducing Valves (Series 2000): With just a few inputs on an accurate system diagram screen, users can choose the correct valve and control pilot(s), and verify the specifications. Job schedules can be printed, emailed or saved, making changes, orders and recordkeeping easier than ever.
• Temperature Regulators (1140 and 1141): Users can now select the valve body and control actuator for greater versatility and accuracy.
• For all components, a Selection Report documents the entire job history: inputs entered, products chosen, and specifications for each chosen product.

These changes enhance the user’s ability to specify and select steam products. The combination of new selection modules gives users the most useful and complete steam component selection tool in the industry.

For more information about the ESP-PLUS Steam Specialties updates, contact Hoffman Specialty at (773) 267-1600, or visit http://www.hoffmanspecialty.com.

Hoffman Specialty, a unit of ITT Industries, is a leading manufacturer of steam traps, regulators and valves for residential, commercial and industrial applications. For more information about the company’s products or services, contact Hoffman Specialty, 3500 N. Spaulding Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618; phone (773) 267-1600; fax (773) 267-0991; Internet address http://www.hoffmanspecialty.com.