HYDROVAR® WATERCOOLED has been launched

A new version of the ever popular HYDROVAR® has been launched, HYDROVAR®  WATERCOOLED. As the name implies the unit utilises the water pumped through it to cool the internal electronics and its unique design has been developed for use within residential applications.

The HYDROVAR®  WATERCOOLED offers the user quiet pump operation but more importantly the ability to regulate the speed of the motor to meet the required demand of the installation. With its ‘electronic gauge’ which serves as both an indicator of the pump pressure and integral transducer makes the unit easy to install and offers the user longer life and greater reliability.

The HYDROVAR®  WATERCOLLED variable speed drive will be supplied along with a pump and will protect the unit from dry running, overheating, short circuit and over-current and due to the soft start/ stop operation protect the system from water hammer.

It is foreseen the HYDROVAR®  WATERCOOLED will become an important part of the HYDROVAR® product family and continue to offer its users a reliable variable speed drive solution.


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