EASB-Jr. Enhanced Air Separator Now Available In a Wider Range of Sizes

Morton Grove, IL–Oct 2, 2006
Bell & Gossett®, has announced that its popular EASB-Jr. Enhanced Air Separator is now available in ¾”, 1″ and 1-1/4″ sizes with NPT and sweat connections, as well as 1-1/2″ and 2″ sizes with NPT connections.

The EASB-Jr. is designed to make hydronic heating systems more efficient, operate quieter, and last longer by automatically removing entrained air, including micro bubbles.

The innovative non-clog venting design of the EASB-Jr. also eliminates call-backs due to fouling of the air valve. As fluid enters the air separator, a low-pressure area is created. Small bubbles are released from the fluid and collect on the coalescing medium. As the bubbles coalesce, they will rise toward the top of the air separator where they are released into the atmosphere through the built-in automatic air vent.

Other features of the new EASB-Jr. include:

· Compact design, brass body construction and stainless steel internal components make it ideal for residential and commercial hydronic heating systems
· Unique design and minimum pipe run requirements allow for installation wherever air is a problem
· 1/2″ NPT bottom connection allows easy installation of diaphragm tank
· Maximum working pressure 150 PSI (10 Bar)
· Maximum Operating Temperature 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius)
· Three-year warranty

Bell & Gossett is a brand of ITT Corporation, the leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, hydronic specialties, heat exchangers, condensate handling equipment, and packaged systems for variable and constant speed pumping, heat transfer and pressure boosting.

For more information contact ITT at 8200 N. Austin Avenue, Morton Grove, IL 60053; phone 847/966-3700; fax 847/966-9052; or visit www.bellgossett.com.