ITT Introduces New Bell & Gossett Glycol Make-Up Unit

Morton Grove, IL–Apr 24, 2007
ITT has unveiled a new Bell & Gossett brand Glycol Solution/Water Make-Up Unit (GMU) designed for a variety of applications, including closed loop heating and chilled water, process, snowmelt, and radiant heat systems.

The new GMU can also be used as a break tank for potable water systems.

Created to complement the original GMU models, the new GMU30 and GMU60 units feature non-metallic conduit in place of metallic conduit, and PVC piping and valves instead of steel fittings. This allows either the original or the new models to meet all local municipal codes. All GMU models are completely automatic and designed to maintain minimum system pressure levels.

Bell & Gossett GMU models have a 55-gallon capacity, observable fluid level, scale, and an industrial grade polyethylene tank. Other performance specifications include:

· Cut in 3-10 psi; cut out of 9-30 psi on the GMU30 model
· Cut in 10-45 psi; cut out of 20-60 psi on the GMU60 model
· 10 GPM capacity at 30 psi
· 5 GPM capacity at 60 psi
· Maintains a fill pressure of 30 or 60 psi

A low-level protection system helps users monitor the performance of the Unit. The GMU safely shuts down the pump when solution levels are low. Additional features include:

· Remote alarm contact
· Red indicator light
· 2″ opening on top for ventilation and fill
· Pressure control and necessary interconnecting piping
· ¾” NPT piping connection
· Calibrated balance
· 3-phase input power

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Bell & Gossett is a brand of ITT Corporation, the leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, hydronic specialties, heat exchangers, condensate handling equipment, and packaged systems for variable and constant speed pumping, heat transfer and pressure boosting.

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