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Ease the Installation of Heat Exchangers

Save time and money using BPXTM Heat Exchangers with integral mounting tabs. Avoid the added expenses of welding, metal forming and fabricating using
our optional integral mounting tabs.

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Four Types of Heat Exchanger Failures

U-tube heat exchangers usually provide a long service life with little or no maintenance because they do not contain any moving parts.
However, there are four types of heat exchanger failures that can occur, and can usually be prevented: mechanical, chemically
induced corrosion, combination of mechanical and chemically induced corrosion, and scale, mud, and algae fouling.

This article provides plant engineers with a detailed look at the problems that can develop.
It also describes the corrective actions that should be taken to prevent them.

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Steam Pressure and Product Selection for Heat Transfer Systems

Choosing the operating pressure for a heat exchanger system is an important design decision. The choice of pressure will
impact the selection of the heat exchanger and the steam trap for your application. In many cases, adequate performance can be
obtained over a wide range of system pressures. However, failure to consider all of the system characteristics and components can
lead to inefficient operation.

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McCormick Place, ChicagoSee the latest Energy Efficient Pump Systems
and Controls for Green buildings from
Bell & Gossett, McDonnell & Miller and Goulds Pumps

  • Primary pumping
  • Secondary pumping
  • Hydronic balancing
  • Variable speed controls
  • Air management
  • Thermal transfer
  • Building water
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