2nd quarter 2009 – the path towards Zero Accidents

The Lowara factory at Montecchio Maggiore has achieved the goal set by the Safety reward system that began in January: only 2 accidents with less than 40 days’ prognosis in the second quarter of 2009.
The Safety reward system contemplates recognition for reaching the quarterly goal: maximum 1 accident in the 1st quarter with 20 days off work, maximum 2 accidents with a total of 40 days off work in both the 2nd and the 3rd quarter, maximum 1 accident with 200 days off work in the 4th quarter.
The company has established a reward for workers, granting a bonus of Euro 2500 per quarter to be divided amongst 5 workers to be chosen through a drawing contest.

On July 16, at the presence of the Lowara General Manager and the Workers’ Union Representatives, 5 names were drawn from a total of about 400 employees. The 5 lucky winners received petrol vouchers for a value of 500 Euro each.  Mr. Andre Dhawan, General Manager of R&CW EMEA, personally awarded the prize to the five winners, thus demonstrating the importance of the achievement. This is the first step towards the goal at the end of the year, which aims to have less than 6 accidents versus the 14 of the year before.

Special instructing sessions and training plan, a monthly internal audit directly involving the workers, and the implementation of a reward system aimed at achieving the quarterly goals set by the Management, played a key role to such success.

Through this implementation, Lowara wants to share the success of this result and wishes to acknowledge the effort and constant commitment of the workers in ensuring overall safety.


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