Which color do you prefer? ITT chooses green.

In a recent Newsweek article on the ‘greenest companies in America’, ITT was ranked 30th in the top 500 and 1st in the same list for its Industry sector.

The purpose of the list, published on the magazine’s website, was to assess each company’s actual resource use and emissions, its policies and strategies, along with its reputation among its peers. Among the 500 companies included in the ranking are the largest U.S. companies measured by revenue, market capitalization and number of employees. They are broken out into 15 sectors such as financial services, food and beverage and general industrials.

All of these companies have committed to making products or taking actions aimed at reducing pollution and improving the environment.

Addressing climate change requires action across all sectors of the economy, from electricity and transportation to agriculture. Various cost-effective opportunities are available today to begin reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and emerging technologies will deliver more significant reductions in the future.

The use of efficient appliances, for example, is one way to minimize energy consumption and concomitant GHG emissions from electricity.

ITT understands how technology can be used in many ways to benefit the environment, and has invested in reducing GHG emissions every year since 1995 while also increasing energy efficiency.

The result is a range of environmentally-friendly products that are highly beneficial to the environment: pumps and mixers used in water purification, pumps for geothermal heat, and pressure regulators for alternative fuel vehicles, among others.

For Lowara, part of the ITT organisation, one perfect example is the Hydrovar® variable speed controller which regulates pump motor speed and maximises economy and efficiency. Microprocessors control the pumps’ sequential operation based on system demand, closing the pump down completely when necessary. Hydrovar® adjusts the pump’s flow rate automatically even through heavily varying demands, decreasing the power consumed by as much as 70%.

Another good example is the new range of A-class circulators. Their electronic commuted (ECM) permanent magnet motor and spherical motor design ensure up to 70% energy savings when compared to conventional fixed speed pumps.

Finally, our efficiency 1 (EFF1) motors improve the cost-effectiveness, environmental credentials and operating performance of the Lowara pump range for residential and commercial applications.

ITT has made a solid commitment to green and energy-efficient technology as part of its environmental responsibility program. Many years of experience in green initiatives has played – and will play – an important role in the success of ITT in this competitive industry.

Not just a color, but a firm commitment to excellence for future sustainability.


ITT-Lowara (www.lowara.com), headquarters of “Residential and Commercial Water – EMEA” part of the ITT Corporation and located in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza – Italy, is a leading  manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and water handling and control systems. It has 1.616 employees in Europe, 671 operating in Italy. In 2010 its consolidated sales totalled about 306 million €, or over 404 million $.
ITT Corporation (www.itt.com) is a high-technology engineering and manufacturing company operating on all seven continents in three vital markets: water and fluids management, global defense and security, and motion and flow control. With a heritage of innovation, ITT partners with its customers to deliver extraordinary solutions that create more livable environments, provide protection and safety and connect our world. Headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., the company generated 2010 revenue of $11.0 billion.