McDonnell & Miller Announces new Series 1575 Low Water Cut-Off/Pump Controller

MORTON GROVE, Illinois, December 9, 2009 – McDonnell & Miller announces the new Series 1575 Low Water Cut-Off / Pump Controller. The Series 1575 provides continuous protection against a low water condition and satisfies pump control needs for commercial steam and hot water boilers.

The Series 1575 is used as a low water cut-off, feed water control and alarm for boilers, vessels and tanks and includes a 1Hp pump relay, as well as adjustable burner and pump settings.

Other features to enhance its simplicity, ease of installation and versatility include:

• Diagnostic features incorporated in the control
– High ambient temperature protection
– Internal LEDs that indicate water position and condition
– External LEDs that indicate control activity
• Set points and differentials remain constant throughout pressure range
• Probe operation diagnostics
– Sensitivity monitor
– Sequence monitor
– Wetted probe monitor
• Adjustable 60-second burner-off time delays
• Adjustable pump differentials by cutting probe to desired set points
• Redundant low-water and pump-off circuitry
• 1 Hp burner and pump relay
• Control unit can be mounted in any convenient location
• Test button standard
• Probe chamber with 3 probes and gauge glass tappings
• 4th probe can be added for high water control

Some of the key benefits of the Series 1575 Combination Low Water Cut-Off/Pump

Controllers for Steam Boilers are:

• Prevents rapid burner and pump cycling
• Constant operation throughout pressure range
• Electrical starters not required for motors up to 1 Hp
• Easy monitoring of operation
• Easy troubleshooting

All McDonnell & Miller boiler controls undergo a full functionality test prior to shipment. For more information on the M&M Series 1575 Combination Low Water Cut-Off/Pump Controllers for Steam Boilers, contact your local McDonnell & Miller Representative or visit

About McDonnell & Miller
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