Morton Grove, IL — January 17, 2003
Bell & Gossett has introduced the Technovar® Pump Controller for HVAC, water supply, irrigation, pressure boosting and OEM applications. This cost effective, easy to use and versatile controller is a variable frequency drive with integral microprocessor controller that mounts directly on the motor.

Utilizing its variable speed capability, the Technovar Pump Controller adjusts power consumption for optimal system performance, which delivers considerable cost savings and lower mechanical load. The initial system cost is reduced by eliminating the use of separate controls and drives resulting in lower capital and installation costs.

The new controller can be easily installed on any U.S. Electric or Marathon TEFC motor. Controller operation is simplified by its integrally designed, user-friendly program and easy to navigate control panel, which can be programmed in seven languages.

The Technovar Pump Controller provides numerous features for motor and pump protection. Standard programmable features include over/under voltage protection, overload/overhead protection, adjustable acceleration/ deceleration, and high temperature alarms.

The Technovar Pump Controller allows the system to meet a wide range of requirements such as multiple pumps staging and sequencing of up to four pumps (via RS-485 communications) as well as performs four basic system control methods: system curve, constant pressure, constant flow and constant speed. Available in 1 through 30 horsepower, the new controller works with many commercially available sensors to measure pressure, flow and differential pressure.

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