Launch event of new e-SV pumps is a success at Lowara in Italy

The first official event to introduce customers to the new e-SV multistage vertical pumps was held at Lowara’s headquarters in Italy on 7th October 2010.

The group, consisting of approximately 33 participants, included people from Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.

The focus of the event was the launch of the new eSV range, starting with a detailed presentation of the product and its applications by Product Manager Giorgio Sabbatini.

This was followed by sessions of assembly and disassembly of the pump to enable the participants to appreciate the different components and their greater accessibility, which will make maintenance of the product in the field even more simple and effective.

The meeting involved the members of the group until the afternoon when they were escorted to visit the Zonin wineries, where dinner was also held, enriched by fine wines expertly matched with each course.

The customers said they were very satisfied with the event, but especially impressed by the high technology and reliability of the new pumps, which they were also able to see  during a guided tour of the factory.

The following day the group moved to Venice for a pleasant guided walk to see the artistic beauty of the city.

This is another success for Lowara, which gives great importance in events such as these, being aware that constant communication and collaboration with its customers can help convey a better understanding of its products.

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