ITT expands offerings in agricultural irrigation market

ITT launched two new product lines in July 2010 providing its agriculture and irrigation customers pumping technologies to address changes in the market

Mixed Flow Pumps
Our customers are facing new climate and economic factors, including the easing of drought conditions and lowered restrictions on farmers for the allotment of surface water withdrawals. To address these market changes, ITT developed four new models of Mixed Flow pumps, which are offered in six-, 10- and 12-inch sizes and covering a range of 400 GPM to 5,500 GPM.

The company’s Mixed Flow pumps supply surface water from canals, lagoons and reclaimed water pits to fields for crop irrigation. The high-flow, low-pressure units are also capable of moving large quantities of water over a short distance, which is necessary for gravity-fed crop irrigation and the redistribution of surface water stocks.

RCW is already moving to expand the products’ hydraulic range, with an upgraded product scheduled to launch in early 2011.

Goulds Ag-Flo Submersible Turbine Pumps

Product quality, performance attributes and purchase price are always top-of-mind in pump production at ITT to best support our customers’ needs. With these elements at the forefront of development, ITT created a Goulds branded Ag-Flo submersible turbine pump offering.

Two new six-inch pump hydraulics, a 180 GPM and 230 GPM model were introduced in July 2010. Plans are underway to launch several more hydraulics this year, which will complete a range of pumps covering 180 GPM to 1,200 GPM in six- to eight-inch size ranges.

“Customers in the agricultural market rely on the clean water provided by pumps every day, whether it is to maximize crop yield or feed livestock,” said Bryan Duffy, global vertical turbine product manager. “ITT’s new product lines continue to anticipate our customers’ future needs and lead them to success.”