MORTON GROVE, Illinois, January 31, 2011 – Bell & Gossett has introduced two new autocirc Domestic Hot Water Circulators that deliver instant hot water to any tap while saving thousands of gallons of water. Designed for plumbing systems without a recirculation line, the autocirc uses a unique technology to achieve significant energy savings while operating on as little as 14 watts of power. It also allows for easy installation underneath the farthest fixture from a standard water heater.

The autocirc is lead-free and features high-efficiency ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology that turns the pump on only when the system needs to be replenished with hot water. The pump’s unique microprocessor provides the ECM the precise frequency and voltage for maximum efficiency. A few of the key features and benefits of the autocirc include:

• Saves the average family of four more than 12,000 gallons of water annually
• Energy savings pay back the cost of the pump within months
• Highly efficient ECM technology – The rotor/impeller is the only moving
part in the entire pump and it is magnetically balanced on a stationery
ceramic bearing inside the pump housing
• Easy installation
• Built-in 24-hour timer which allows system to adjust to users schedule
• Requires only one pump and one installation on hot water line
• Maintenance-free, long-lasting operation
• No shaft, no seal
• Silent during operation
• Resistant to scale build-up
• Maximum fluid temperature of 203oF/95oC
• Maximum line pressure of 145 PSI
• Designed for potable water applications

“The unique technology and design Bell & Gossett incorporated into the autocirc continues to demonstrate ITT’s commitment to developing more eco-friendly and energy-efficient products for plumbing and HVAC systems,” said Scott Shimer, Director, Global Product Management at ITT RCW.

Bell & Gossett also recently introduced the ecocirc®, a new line of potable water pumps that connect to a building’s recirculator line and provides instant hot water to any faucet. Using the same ECM technology, the ecocirc can save an average family of four the same savings as an autocirc.

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