New Bell & Gossett ecocirc® SC Solar Pump Is First To Connect Directly To Photovoltaic Panels

MORTON GROVE, Illinois, January 31, 2011 — Bell & Gossett has introduced a DC spherical motor circulating pump featuring direct connection to photovoltaic (PV) panels and automatic performance optimization.

Named the ecocirc SC Solar, the new pump is designed for thermal solar systems or most circulation pump applications where conventional power is not available. Using less than 1 watt of start-up power, it features Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking which allows the pump to modify its operating point on the voltagecurrent curve of the PV panel every three seconds to find the point of optimum performance.

The revolutionary ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology eliminates the need for a conventional shaft, seal and bearing assembly. This means the only moving part of the solar pump is a hemispherical rotor/impeller unit that sits on an ultrahard, wear-resistant ceramic ball. All parts of the pump that are exposed to fluid are completely corrosion-resistant.

Unlike other pumps, the SC Solar Pump has a soft start-up and requires less than one watt of power. When the photovoltaic panel provides sufficient power, the pump goes through the alignment phase by turning the rotor into the position required
for start-up. The processor then waits until the capacitor is sufficiently charged. This innovative pump comes complete with an over-temperature safety device that shuts off the pump electronics when temperatures reach 230 degrees. When the temperature of the pumped fluid is below 203 degrees the pump will function normally. After reaching a critical temperature of 203 degrees the pump will lower its speed
automatically in order to avoid a total shutdown.

Special features of the ecocirc solar pump:

· Start-up power requires less than 1 watt
· Economic and powerful
· Wide variability
· ECM technology
· Shaft-less spherical motor

“The ecocirc is another example of our ongoing commitment to providing eco friendly, energy-saving products and systems for the residential and commercial marketplaces,” said Monica Levy, Director of Communications at ITT’s Residential and Commercial business.

About Bell & Gossett
Bell & Gossett, a brand of ITT Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, circulators, hydronic specialties, heat exchangers, condensate handling equipment, and packaged systems for variable and constant speed pumping, heat transfer and pressure boosting.

About ITT Corporation
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