Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions

In buildings, heating and air conditioning pumps are among the largest single energy users. So if you are looking to design, replace, or upgrade an HVAC system, think ITT RCW—we have products, systems, and services that can achieve up to 70% energy savings. Our variable speed controllers are designed specifically for HVAC applications and adjust pump speed in response to demand. This optimizes a pump’s performance, minimizing its power consumption and extending its life through reduced start-up wear and tear. ITT RCW also offers end suction pumps with smaller, more efficient motors; water circulators that use 68% less energy than standard models; and balancing valves that optimize water flow, lowering HVAC system operating costs. Plus, ask your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer about services that can help you achieve even greater efficiencies, such as the Energy Performance Services team or seminars on how to improve the performance of hydronic systems.