Green Building Solutions

Green building is more than a trend, it’s good business. Buildings consume 40% of US energy output, so improving their efficiency benefits both the environment and the bottom line. ITT RCW products are used in multiple innovative green building techniques and applications. We engineer variable speed controllers that adjust pump speed to demand; energy efficient centrifugal and end suction pumps that are used as jockey pumps in pressure booster systems, along with expansion tanks; and brazed plate heat exchangers for “decoupled” recirculation loops. Your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer can tell you about other essential sustainable water solutions, such as balancing valves that optimize water flow, high efficiency wastewater pumps, water circulators that use 68% less energy than standard models, and e-SV™ vertical multi-stage pumps, the most energy efficient pump in its class. These products and more ensure that ITT RCW is meeting the demand for high-performance water handling driven by today’s environmental and economic conditions.