Ground Source Heating Solutions

Home heating systems that pump water through radiators or radiant floors (known as hydronic systems) are comfortable, efficient, and versatile. And when coupled with a sustainable heat source, they are the greenest option. Hydronic systems work well with ground source heating, for instance. Also known as geothermal, ground source heating is becoming popular as energy costs soar. Your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer can help build your system, which includes loops of buried pipe, a heat pump, a variable speed controller, and a brazed plate heat exchanger to transfer energy to your home. To complete your under floor heating system, we offer the most complete range of hydronic products and accessories, including air separators that ensure quiet operation; water circulators; isolation and reducing valves; expansion tanks; and more. Plus, because hydronic systems only need small pipes, not large air ducts, zoning is easy, and a zone controller is an energy-saving, must-have accessory.