Lead-Free Water Supply Solutions

Very young children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, and even tiny amounts of lead ingested over a long period can affect mental and physical development. With safety in mind, California and Vermont are the first states to have banned lead in pipes, fittings, and fixtures that distribute potable water in homes, schools, offices, and other buildings. When it comes to lead-free water supply solutions, there are no compromises with ITT RCW. We carry a full line of lead-free potable water products that comply with the California and Vermont bans and exceed current requirements in the other 48 states. Ask your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer about these pumps, water circulators, mini water booster packages, tanks, flanges, and balancing valves, all made with brass components. These products are just a few ways ITT RCW shows its commitment to providing water-handling products that are efficient, safe, innovative, and environmentally responsible.