Rainwater Catchment Solutions

Conserving potable water means making innovative use of alternative resources. If you are considering rainwater harvesting, ITT RCW can help you build a collection and distribution system. Your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer will help identify the most preferable collection surface (roof, driveway, or gulch), as well as choose a filtration system (if needed), valves, piping, and a high-pressure tank. To distribute rainwater (or greywater), use our vertical multistage pumps or a constant speed booster pump package. A balanced flow controller to maintain constant water pressure completes the rainwater retrieval system, which can be used for toilet flushing; drip irrigation; livestock drinking; car washing; pressure cleaning; and fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. In arid regions, our deep well submersible pumps do a great job, but sometimes even these cannot provide all the water needed by a home. Water scarcity is a challenge—let ITT RCW engineer your solution.