Residential Solar Hot Water Solutions

Harnessing the sun’s power to heat your home makes plain sense. Although solar systems for home water heating have been around for a century, newer, “active” systems are making them a popular sustainable solution. Two ITT RCW products crucial for an active hot water solar system are brazed plate heat exchangers and DC water circulators. A good solar system transfers heat efficiently from photovoltaic panels to a home’s water loop. Brazed plate heat exchangers are ideal for this: they are small, low cost, low maintenance, and highly efficient. To circulate heated liquid for domestic hot water, under floor heating, or swimming pools, use a glycol-compatible, DC-powered water circulator (solar pump) with over-temperature protection, automatic performance optimization, and Electronically Commutated Motor technology. And ask your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer about completing your residential solar hot water system with an expansion tank, air vent, air separator, and check valves.