The Japanese Water Crisis

The disasters last month in Japan have underscored the critical importance of clean and potable water to our society.  Millions of Japanese citizens and more than 1.8 Million households have no access to clean drinking water due to high-levels of radioactive iodine from the crippled nuclear plants.

Although the Japanese government said the water is safe for non-potable use, panicked residents quickly bought all available bottled water. The government is now scrambling to get water to households with children and organizations around the world are sending bottled water to Japan

Fortunately, organizations like the Red Cross, hundreds of corporations and millions of individuals around the world are helping however they can.  ITT announced its corporate citizenship program, ITT Watermark, is collaborating with Mercy Corps to provide lifesaving water before, during, and after emergencies.

Within hours of being notified of the Japan disaster, ITT and Mercy Corps activated their joint 24-hour response protocol, which is designed to mobilize each partners’ global assets for quickly securing water for victims. ITT immediately authorized $100,000 from its emergency response fund to support Mercy Corps and its local non-governmental partner, Peace Winds, with on-the-ground efforts in Japan. ITT also announced the company will double match all ITT employee donations — up to $5,000 for a maximum of $10,000 per employee — to Japan relief efforts.

Many of you have probably contributed in a variety of ways to assist the Japanese people cope with these terrible disasters.  If you are interested in making a contribution to the Japanese recovery effort or learning MORE about what Mercy Corps is doing to help, please visit their website.