Water Reclamation Solutions

Water can be like gold to a farm, especially to a nursery or fruit tree operation that must irrigate thirsty plants spread over many acres. During the peak-growing season, an orchard can require as much as 25 million gallons per month for everything from drip irrigation to enormous oscillating sprinklers. Often, a farm will capture water from many places, so its water distribution system must cope with varying, sometimes heavy, demand, high friction losses, and multiple sources. Your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer can provide the solutions: submersible pumps for wells, creeks, and ponds; vertical multi-stage pumps and tanks for rainwater catchment; centrifugal and line shaft turbine pumps for powerful distribution; and variable speed controllers. These provide constant pressure and match supply to demand, especially important if your business is metered. Plus, our variable speed controllers help save on energy costs—using as much as 70% less energy than standard products—as well as on pump wear-and-tear.