Heat Exchange Solutions

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers provide maximum heat transfer in a compact, low-cost design. Two innovations make them ideal for residential and commercial hydronic applications. First, each corrugated plate has a large surface area, resulting in a high transfer rate. Second, the plates are vacuum-brazed to create a lightweight yet durable product that can withstand high pressure and temperature. Corrosion-resistant, they are also easy to maintain and clean. Ask your ITT RCW dealer, distributor, or installer about their benefits in a range of modern applications. For instance, use them for ice melting systems coupled to boilers. Or for green heating systems—as part of a “decoupled” recirculation loop in a large building, a heat recovery system, or to transfer heat from solar panels and ground source loops to swimming pools, radiant floors, or domestic hot water. Plus, their high efficiency makes them an excellent choice for refrigeration applications—as condensers, evaporators, or energy saving subcoolers—and for industrial processes, to cool lubricants and oil or as steam condensers.

Applications: residential and commercial hydronic heating, swimming pools, spas, radiant floors, solar heating, ground source heating, ice melting, refrigerant condensing and evaporation, heat recovery, industrial cooling, steam condensing.