AHR EXPO / New ProductsAE

AHR EXPO/New ProductsAE

ZoneTrolTM Improves Hydronic Heating System Performance
At AHR Expo ’99, Bell & Gossett will showcase the ZoneTrol™, a complete line of switching relays specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s advanced hydronic heating systems. The easy-to-use controllers help simplify wiring and offer LED diagnostic lights to help contractors troubleshoot complicated systems. ZoneTrol controllers are available from one to six zone applications.

The ZoneTrol controllers offer many features and benefits that the homeowner has come to expect from Bell & Gossett. Some of the features include:

Priority for domestic hot water

Built-in priority timer which helps prevent house freeze-up

Fuse protection that automatically resets, preventing the hassles of having to replace blown fuses

Powerful transformers for reliable performance.

For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett representative.

New Energy-Saving, Sweat-Connection Models Added to Bronze Fox Line of Circulators

Bell & Gossett will display the new energy-saving, sweat connection models of its popular line of Bronze Fox Wet Rotor circulators, a series that delivers up to 80 percent more starting power than competing pumps.

The three new Bronze Fox 1/2” sweat connection models now provide engineers with a convenient option to union and flange body connection Bronze Fox units. The new sweat connection models, NBF-8S/LW, NBF-10S/LW and NBF-18S, have been specially designed to permit reliable connections to system copper piping.

Meanwhile, the models NBF-8S/LW, NBF-10S/LW, along with models NBF-9U/ LW (union body), NBF-12U/LW (union body) and NBF-12F/LW (flange body) comprise a new, energy-efficient, low-watt Bronze Fox family of circulators. Using motors that require 55 watts or less, the new units consume less power, resulting in electricity cost savings of up to 50 percent over similar competing pumps.

All Bronze Fox circulators have 100 percent lead-free construction and are ideal for residential or light commercial hot water recirculation and other potable water applications. In addition to high starting torque, the units deliver more capacity than competing brands.

The circulators include B&G’s new Duraglide™ bearing system which ensures dependable start-ups year after year. The Duraglide system consists of lime and calcium lock-up resistance ceramic shafts and double-sintered carbon bearings.

Wide clearances between the shaft and bearings make the Bronze Fox units very tolerant of dirt and fine sediment particulate. Additionally, a self- cleaning particle shield prevents contaminants from entering the shaft and bearings during the initial system fill.

Bronze Fox circulators also feature a stainless steel rotor which isolates the stator from system fluid without any chance of leakage. The rotor has an integral bearing holder which helps to maintain precision shaft and bearing alignment. Other Bronze Fox features include:

Lightweight and compact construction for easy installation in tight areas.

Wire nut leads for fast, sure electrical hook-ups.

Hydraulically matched impellers and volutes for optimum efficiency and quiet operation.

U.L. approved automatic timer kits and aquastats.

For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett representative.

Bell & Gossett Series PL™ Circulators Improve System Performance and Reliability

Bell & Gossett’s family of maintenance-free, in-line circulators, called the Series PL™, provides a superior alternative to large wet rotor pumps for heating/cooling and plumbing systems. Unlike wet rotors, the Series PL can handle difficult water conditions at a wide range of temperatures (0° to 225°F or -18° to 107°C). The circulators feature an advanced close-coupled dry motor design, plus an exclusive XL11™ permanently oil lubricated bearing system to eliminate concerns about system contaminants freezing the bearings.

The Series PL circulator’s close-coupled design incorporates a durable carbon/silicon carbide seal and stainless steel faceplate that separate the motor from the volute, impeller and system water. This configuration increases pump life and efficiency; assures dependable seasonal start ups; and overcomes problems caused by compounds—such as calcium carbonates and iron oxides— commonly found in hydronic systems.

The sealed, precision-crafted XL11 bearing system never requires maintenance. Permanently oil lubricated with an advanced, high-temperature, non-hydrocarbon, silicon-free lubricant, the bearings are designed to provide long life and trouble-free operation.

In contrast to wet rotor pumps, the Series PL does not bypass system water through the motor to lubricate and cool the bearings. As a result, all motor energy is delivered to the pumping task, resulting in a 25 percent increase in motor efficiency.

All Series PL circulators feature powerful Bell & Gossett motors that deliver the highest performance in their class. Available in cast iron or bronze construction, Series PL circulators also feature:

A solid “stiff-shaft” design. Constructed of a high-strength alloy steel, the shaft is impervious to thermal stresses that can crack ceramic shafts.

Precision-machined and balanced alloy steel rotors for superior performance.

Double-sided, stainless steel neck rings for optimum efficiency.

Quick-connect wire nut leads and dual knock-outs for fast, sure hook-ups.

For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett representative.

New McDonnell & Miller Guide Eases Electronic Boiler Control Selection

A new reference guide designed to help ease the selection of electronic boiler controls, including the new Guard Dog® RB-24 and RB-120 series, is now available from McDonnell & Miller.

The guide (MM-821), which lists recommended applications for both steam and hot water boiler controls, provides engineers with easy-to-read product descriptions for McDonnell & Miller boiler controls for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The brief, easy-to-read guide highlights the complete line of Guard Dog boiler controls, especially the new RB-24 and the RB-120. The RB-24 (24-volt) and RB-120 (120-volt) fit all residential hot water boilers and their conductance- type water detection control automatically shuts down the burner in case of a major water loss. The circuitry is self-contained and sealed to allow mounting directly in the boiler.

For more information, contact your local McDonnell & Miller representative.

Reprinted from TechTalk January 1999
Copyright 1999 by ITT Industries