New ThermoMate Control Operators

ITT Bell & Gossett Adds New ThermoMate Control Operators 

ITT Bell & Gossett announces the addition of new, re-designed, non-electrical thermostatic operators to its popular line of ThermoMate Thermostatic Control Valves.ThermoMate Thermostatic Control Valves are silent, efficient, energy-saving, non-electric control valves that provide reliable temperature control for hydronic and low pressure steam radiator terminal units. Compatible with current ThermoMate valve bodies, the new ThermoMate operators provide a variety of added features and benefits, including: 

Faster temperature response – Improved sensitivity and responsiveness to temperature changes are achieved through use of a liquid (ethyl acetate) temperature sensing element. This element is more sensitive to temperature changes than powdered copper and wax mixtures. Thus, the new operators respond to temperature requirements more quickly to provide maximum comfort.

An energy-saving night set-back memory feature – The end user can set the system’s night operation to a limit of 5.4 deg. F (3 deg. C) lower than during the day to reduce energy consumption.

New remote operator mounting bases – These easy-to-install bases can be used with any ThermoMate operator and provide more flexibility for various system requirements.

New tamper-proof guard accessory – Once the operator temperature has been set, the tamper-proof guard encapsulates the settings and prevents unauthorized changes of the set temperature. These guards are designed specifically for use with the new ThermoMate operators and are not compatible with the older models.