Online Tools For Engineers

Online Tools are In-Line with Engineers

Since going on-line in January 1997, Fluid Handling’s Web Page has been an excellent resource for answers to questions from consulting/specifying engineers. The most popular on-line tools are the expanded ESP-PLUS selection software and the easily-downloadable AutoCAD R13 drawings.Utilizing ESP-PLUS, web site visitors have the opportunity to select the correct pump for applications based on flow rate, pump head, style required and speed.

Here is how it works:

Access the ITT Fluid Handling website

On the home page, click on the “Software” button

On the Fluid Handling Software Solutions page, select “ESP Plus Online” After arriving at this page, visitors can:

Select a pump, including a 50 or 60 HZ, and choose the input/output units

Generate a customized pump curve based on their selection

Request a quote for the pump from their representative

View an individual published pump curve or download a complete curve booklet

Generate wire to water efficiency curves

Download a scaled AutoCAD R13 drawing of a selected pump

Generate a constant speed and variable speed cost analysis.

Reprinted from TechTalk January 1998
Copyright 1998 by ITT Industries