System Syzer Wins Top Software Award

Bell & Gossett System Syzer Wins Top Software Award

ITT Bell & Gossett’s electronic System Syzer has just been named as one of the top 10 products and the number one software program for 1995 by Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine in its Annual “Readers Choice Awards.”“Voting” for these awards was accomplished through Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s year-long monitoring of inquiries it received from readers about items featured every month in its “New Products and Literature” section. The top 10 “winners” were chosen by tallying all the reader response cards.

Interestingly, Bell & Gossett’s electronic System Syzer was not featured until the November issue, but it still generated more reader inquiries during 1995 than any other software product for the entire year.

B&G’s System Syzer is a Windows-based software package that enables instant fluid-type adjustments, pipe calculations, Reynolds numbers, flow states, and computations of relative roughness and friction factors as well as friction loss and velocity values. The program also features viscosity correction that allows for water-temperature adjustments up to 350 degrees F. as well as for varying concentrations and temperatures of ethylene, propylene glycol, and other fluids with known properties. A “balance” section can calculate adjustments based on fluid type and generate reports to aid engineers, contractors, and other professionals.

The Consulting-Specifying Engineer award is not the first for the Electronic System Syzer in 1996. Earlier in the year, readers of Heating-Piping-Air Conditioning voted the Electronic System Syzer their number one product choice for the magazine’s “Innovation ’96 Award.”

The System Syzer is available exclusively from Bell & Gossett.