What’s New for January 1998

New Products at ASHRAE

New Technologically Advanced Liquid Level ControlAt ASHRAE ‘98, McDonnell & Miller showcased a technologically advanced, inexpensive general purpose liquid level control designed to meet a vast array of level sensing applications.

Utilizing a digital technology micro-controller, the Series LPC-2000 is designed for industrial and commercial level sensing and for pump control of cooling towers, tanks, water fountains, condensate units and other applications. The field selectable control unit allows for single or multi-level sensing, and the time delay feature prevents process disturbances from water level surges.

The LPC-2000 can directly switch a 1 HP motor, and features 1 to 4 different operating modes: low-level alarm, high level alarm, pump-on and pump-off. Its compact size, panel mounting capabilities and micro-controller versatility make for easy installation.

The Series LPC-2000 is designed to work in conjunction with McDonnell & Miller’s Series AS and RS Remote Sensors and Probes.

Features of the Series LPC-2000 Control Unit:

NEMA I enclosure

Ambient temperature of 120°F (49°C)

Power consumption of 4 VA

Probe sensitivity of 60,000 ohms.

Series AS Ambient Remote Sensor:

NEMA I enclosure

Maximum temperature of 120°F (49°C)

Maximum pressure of Ø psig

Series RS High Pressure Remote Sensor:

NEMA 1 enclosure

Maximum temperature of 406°F (208°C)

Maximum pressure of 250 psig (17.6 kg/cm).

For more information, contact your local McDonnell & Miller representative.

New Variable Speed Pump Controller

Bell & Gossett will display the newest addition to its popular family of micro-processor-driven pump controllers at ASHRAE ‘98. The Technologic 5000TM is specifically engineered and programmed to meet the advanced energy savings demands of today’s modern facilities.

Designed to control up to six pumps in parallel, the Technologic 5000 features control logic developed exclusively for pumping applications. It also offers a serial port for communication to building automation systems via many popular protocols. Additional digital inputs and outputs allow users to add hardwire communications, while analog inputs are available for custom programming and communication requirements.

Featuring the same proven “Common Logic” set-up and operating format as other Technologic controllers, the Technologic 5000 provides clear, detailed messages, status indications and diagnostics in plain English on a standard 4 line, 40 character illuminated LCD display for easy viewing in all lighting conditions.

The optional System Commander touch screen interface displays all standard operating and set-up parameters, plus pump curves and trend logging. The self prompting interface, with on-line help functions, allows easy fine-tuning of the system.

The adjustable proportional, integral and derivative (PID) values are factory-set at optimum HVAC settings to eliminate surge and hunting. Like the Technologic 1100 and 1200, the Technologic 5000 has simplified help functions and diagnostics to allow users to easily understand system faults and troubleshoot on-site to minimize downtime.

Other Technologic 5000 features include:

Standard hardwire communication to BAS includes remote start/stop, alarm and/or all process variable signals.

Available in NEMA 1, NEMA 4, and NEMA 12 enclosures. IPC enclosures are also available.

UL listed (CSA available).

For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett representative.

New Vertical Turbine Pump Line

For the first time, Bell & Gossett will display a new series of advanced technology vertical turbine pumps for a wide variety of commercial uses and specialty applications such as cooling towers, de-watering systems and pressure boosting applications.

Available in water and oil lubricated versions, standard models of the new vertical turbine pumps can accommodate capacities up to 9000 GPM (2043m3/h) at up to 1400 feet (427 m) of head. Additionally, Bell & Gossett offers a wide variety of custom design options for the pumps, which are offered in multiple inlet/discharge configurations.

The new pumps include oversized, high-strength polished stainless steel shafts and precision-balanced, silicon bronze impellers that provide maximum efficiency and smooth operation. All models also have performance, operation and convenience features:

Vitra-lined waterways for maximum efficiency and wear protection.

Heavy duty discharge heads that provide maximum accessibility to service packing box or service tube tension assemblies.

Close grained cast-iron discharge and intermediate bowls.

Top-end adjustment nuts to permit exact adjustment for maximum performance.

Adjusting nipples that thread directly into a column adapter. Headshaft stickup can be set exactly by threading head on the column as required.

Bronze or rubber intermediate bowl bearings for long pump life under any conditions.

Bronze discharge bowl bearings.

Steel lock collets that secure the impeller to the pump shaft.

Bronze suction bowl bearings that are grease-packed for long life.

Sand collars located at the suction bowl bearing to eliminate possible sand buildup.

B&G water lubricated vertical turbine pumps include bronze discharge bowl bearings and packing box assemblies with stainless steel headshafts, bronze packing glands and throttle bushings. Column assemblies on the water lubricated units have carbon or stainless high-strength steel lineshafts, bronze bearing retainers, fluted rubber lineshaft bearings and parallel thread, precisely machined piping and couplings.

Oil lubricated pumps feature large capacity solenoid or manual oilers, bronze tube adapter bushings, optional double bowl seals, steel headshafts, and a heavy duty cast iron tube. The units’ tube tension assemblies have steel headshafts, cast iron tube tension nuts, bronze construction tension nut bushings and heavy duty tension plates.

For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett representative.

New Energy-Saving Line of Circulators

Bell & Gossett will be displaying a new expanded line of lead-free Bronze Fox® circulators for potable and hot water recirculation applications. The new NBF circulators feature low watt motors (as low as 38 watts), three types of system connections (flanged, union and 1/2″sweat) and the preferred performance for residential applications.

The new models join the successful Bronze Fox Family…making them the most versatile potable hot water recirculation pumps.

They provide the contractor and the homeowner with best-of-class features making them the ideal choice:

Low Watt Motor – Over 50% electrical savings compared to competing models

100% Lead-Free Bronze Construction – Exceeds code requirements for potable water systems

Powerful Motor – Up to 80% more starting torque than competing circulators

B&G Duraglide™ Bearing System – Assures years of trouble free service

150 PSI Rating – Hot water heaters are equipped with 150 PSI safety relief valves. Only B&G offers a recirculation pump rated to 150 PSI

Timers and Aquastat Controls – Only B&G’s NBF’s maintain their UL listing when using a B&G timer and/or Aquastat

For more information, contact your local Bell & Gossett representative.

Reprinted from TechTalk January 1998
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