What’s New for October 1997

What’s New For October 1997

New Maintenance-free CirculatorSuperior Alternative to Large Wet Rotors

ITT Bell & Gossett has introduced a new family of maintenance-free, in-line circulators, called the Series PL®, that provides a superior alternative to large wet rotors in radiant, geothermal and advanced heating/cooling systems.

Unlike wet rotors, Series PL units can handle dirty system water at a wide range of temperatures (0 to 225 deg. F or -18 to 107 deg. C). The circulators feature an advanced close-coupled design, plus an exclusive B&G XL11 permanently lubricated bearing system to eliminate concerns about system contaminants freezing the bearings.

The Series PL circulator’s close-coupled design incorporates a durable carbon non-silicon carbide seal and stainless steel faceplate. This design increases pump life and efficiency, assures dependable seasonal start ups and overcomes problems caused by contaminants — such as calcium carbonates and iron oxide — commonly found in hydronic systems.

The sealed, precision-crafted B&G XL11 bearing system never requires maintenance. Permanently lubricated with an advanced, high-temperature, non-hydrocarbon, silicon-free lubricant, the bearings are designed to provide long life and quiet, trouble-free operation.

In contrast to wet rotors, Series PL Circulators don’t bypass system water through the motor to lubricate the bearings. As a result, all pump energy is delivered to the pumping task, resulting in a 25 percent increase in motor efficiency.

All Series PL Circulators feature powerful Bell & Gossett motors that deliver the highest performance in their class. Available in cast iron or bronze construction, Series PL Circulators also feature:

  • A solid “stiff-shaft” design. Constructed of a high-strength alloy steel, the shaft is impervious to thermal stresses that can crack ceramic shafts.
  • Precision-machined and balanced alloy rotors for superior performance.
  • Double-sided, stainless steel neck rings that add to the unit’s efficiency.
  • Quick-connect wire nut leads and dual knock-outs for sure hook-ups.

For more information on the Series PL Circulator, contact your local Bell & Gossett sales representative.

Three-Drive Variable Speed Cabinet Provides Parallel Pump Control

ITT Bell & Gossett has introduced a new Cabinet Mounted Powersáv variable speed pump control system with three adjustable frequency drives that permit control of three pumps in parallel operation.

Designed to save critical equipment room floor space, the new Cabinet Mounted Powersáv package incorporates a Technologic pump logic controller and adjustable frequency drives in a single, space-saving 44W X 24D enclosure.

Control and power wiring between controller and AFDs is completed at the factory. The installing contractor simply makes a single input power connection, runs power wiring to pumps, connects remote sensors, and the system is ready to run.

The new system is available with a Technologic 1100, 1200 or 4000 Series pump logic controller, and PWM VVI drive outputs. All control and power wiring between the systems controller and the drives, and all electrical and operational testing is performed at the factory before shipment, resulting in a ready-to-install system and trouble-free start-ups.