What’s New for Sept 1998

What’s New

Award-winning ESP-PLUS™ Software Program is Now Available on CD-ROMSystem Syzer® Included

An updated and enhanced version of ESP-PLUS™, Bell & Gossett’s award-winning software program for selection of fluid handling products, is now available on CD-ROM.

ESP-PLUS is designed to help HVAC professionals select fluid handling products quickly, accurately and simply. The innovative software program enables selection of complex parallel pumping systems in constant or variable speed configurations, and also determines energy savings. ESP-PLUS includes selections, submittals, schedules and specifications for centrifugal pumps, hydronic specialties, heat exchangers, condensate transfer equipment and steam specialties. The simple, menu-driven operation software is easy to learn and use, and technical support is available online and through Bell & Gossett sales representatives.

As an added bonus, the CD-ROM also includes the award-winning System Syzer® software and over 6,000 AutoCad® R-13 drawings.

System Syzer enables instant fluid-type adjustments, pipe calculations, Reynolds numbers, flow states, and computations of relative roughness and friction factors, as well as friction loss and velocity values. The program also features viscosity correction that allows for water-temperature adjustments up to 350°F as well as those for varying concentrations and temperatures of ethylene, propylene glycol, and other fluids with known properties. A “balance” section can calculate adjustments based on fluid type and generate reports to aid engineers, contractors, and other professionals in the field.

New “Steam Team” Created by Fluid Handling

In response to the increasing need for support of steam applications among contractors and consulting-specifying engineers, Fluid Handling has created a special group of experts called the Steam Team.

The Steam Team was formed to provide professionals with a comprehensive resource forum that focuses specifically on steam and its various applications. The Team will provide Total System information through newsletters, product updates, and consultations with engineers and contractors. The Steam Team will also actively participate in industry forums, seminars and conferences.

The Steam Team utilizes resources from the company’s Bell & Gossett, Domestic Pump and Hoffman Specialty divisions. The group will provide expertise in the application of condensate & boiler feed pumps, heat exchangers, steam regulators and steam traps used in steam systems.

Most importantly, the Team will include Steam Team Coaches at the representative level to provide local expertise.

New Series of PCC Pumpless Condensate Units

Domestic Pump has introduced the new Series PCC and PCS Pumpless Condensate Units, a series of energy-saving, pumpless condensate units designed to transfer condensate at high temperatures and without the use of electricity.

Controlled by a float-operated, snap-acting mechanism driven by steam or air as a motive force instead of an electric pump, Domestic’s PCC/PCS Pumpless Condensate Units can be placed in remote areas where electrical power is unavailable. Requiring no electrical panels, starters or accessories, the units are also ideally suited for hazardous environments where electricity can’t be used.

The new PCC Units fit a wide range of system applications, including draining and returning condensate from vacuum systems, condensers, heat exchangers and other steam condensing equipment.

They can also be used for transferring liquid from a sump pump pit to a higher pressure elevation.

Reprinted from TechTalk September 1998
Copyright 1998 by ITT Industries