Low Water Condition In Boilers

Low Water Condition in Boilers is a Leading Cause of Boiler Accidents.

What is a low water condition? A low water condition occurs when the level of water within a boiler’s holding vessel falls short of that prescribed by the manufacturer. It can be caused by a number of things, including a leaking pipe, malfunction or simple disrepair.

Why is a low water condition dangerous? A low water condition places the entire boiler at serious risk. Without the proper amount of water, a boiler may be unable to properly conduct and transfer the intense heat and energy to which it is subjected. The result can be explosions and fire resulting in injury, extensive property loss, or even worse.

How do I prevent a low water condition from ever occurring in my hot water boiler? The best thing any homeowner can do is INSIST that the contractor installs a “low water cut-off.”

What does this low water cut-off do? A low water cut-off does two things. First, it accurately detects a low water condition should it occur. Second, it automatically shuts down the combustion operation of the boiler. This will prevent the boiler from firing while its water level is too low to properly manage the heat and energy.

Is there a building code calling for low water cut-offs? YES. The International Mechanical Code was modified in 1996 to state that ALL hot water boilers are to “… be protected with a low water cut-off control.” Plus, many boiler manufacturers stipulate that cut-offs are to be routinely installed, especially if radiation is installed below the level of the boiler.

Is a low water cut-off as important to protecting my house as devices like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors? YES. On your checklist of the items that MUST be in place to protect your home and family, a low water cut-off is essential. Just as you demand the installation of a smoke alarm to protect your loved ones from fire, you need to be just as insistent on the installation of a low water cut-off. It’s the right thing to do.

There’s no question about it. The McDonnell & Miller GuardDog ™ is the cut-off to count on. The GuardDog’s precision-engineered design ensures round-the-clock operation. And it’s inexpensive and easy for your contractor to install. Because you deserve the best protection available, be sure to let your contractor know that you want an ITT McDonnell & Miller GuardDog protecting your boiler.

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