How to Oil Series 100 Pump

How To Oil Series 100 Pump

This picture shows where oil is to be added to the pump and motor. The pump is not disassembled to do this.
The instructions for the amount of oil to be added are general, not exact. Too much oil in the bearing bracket is a little messy since it will drain out. Too much oil in the motor oil tubes can overflow and soften the rubber motor mounts.
The effect is an out-of-alignment coupler, noise and eventual coupler failure.

Bell & Gossett recommends that upon initial fill, the pump bearings be lubricated with 1 oz of B&G 20# weight non-detergent oil.
Motor bearings should initially be lubricated with 1/4 oz in each oil tube.

For re-oiling, Bell & Gossett recommends the pump bearings be lubricated with 1 teaspoon of B&G 20# weight non-detergent oil at the start of each heating season. A SAE 20 oil or 10W-30 oil may be substituted if B&G oil is not available.

Motor bearings should be lubricated as instructed on the lubrication decal once every four months (more often under adverse conditions). Use eight to ten drops in each oil tube.

A copy of the booster service manual can be obtained at no charge from the Bell & Gossett representative in your area. See the “Distribution” page on this website for the name and phone number of the B&G representative nearest you. The service manual can also be downloaded as a PDF document from this site.

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