Can Xylem RCW Help Me Go Green?

Of course! In fact, Xylem RCW was recognized as the number one General Industrials Company in Newsweek’s 2009 Green Ranking. “(Xylem)ITT produces many products that are highly beneficial to the environment,” said the magazine in its citation.

In our business, we recognize the need for sustainable engineering. Making pumps is an important part of what we do, and we know only too well that they can be energy hogs—a big 75 hp pump uses as much $20,000 a year in electricity. So as part of our ongoing commitment to providing green solutions, we have engineered pumps, systems, and controllers that achieve up to 70% in energy savings.

Xylem RCW doesn’t just manufacture pumps. Products from our diverse line are used in many energy efficient building systems and in green buildings throughout the world. And as the sustainable building movement makes in-roads into the residential market, these products are being found in more and more homes. Below are just a few ways Xylem RCW can help you go green:

Underfloor Radiant Heating
Underfloor radiant heating is as old as the Romans and surging in popularity again, not only as a green building technique (rooms are heated more thoroughly using less energy, there is less heat wasted, and zoning is easy) but also as a more comfortable, more hypoallergenic, and more versatile home heating option. Experts in hydronics for nearly 100 years, Xylem RCW manufactures the circulators; controllers; and zoning, balanced flow, and boiler safety components you need. Ask your Xylem dealer, distributor, or installer how to get started on your underfloor comfort heating system.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting not only conserves water, it conserves the energy used to treat and transport potable water and infrastructure such as combined storm/sewer systems common in older cities. Xylem RCW can help you build a rainwater (or greywater) system with high-pressure tanks for storage and vertical multistage pumps, a constant speed booster pump package, and a constant water pressure pump controller for distribution. Ask your Xylem dealer, distributor, or installer how to get started with a rainwater harvesting system for residential irrigation, toilet flushing, and other applications.

Energy Efficient HVAC
Xylem RCW has energy efficient components for traditional water-based heating and cooling systems that also eliminate common problems, such as gravity flow, cold/hot spots, and system noise. Flow control valves prevent gravity flow and permit summer/winter system operation. Weather-responsive components match system temperature to outside temperature to avoid wasteful, noisy on/off cycling. Variable speed zone control components intelligently mix primary and secondary loop water for pinpoint temperature control. Electric zone valves allow different thermostat settings in different rooms, eliminating one-size-fits-all heating and cooling. And balancing valves move water efficiently, optimizing system performance. Ask your Xylem dealer, distributor, or installer about how to improve your HVAC system.

Alternative Energy Sources
On-site energy production is a Holy Grail of green building, and two energy sources are making their way from commercial buildings into the residential market. In geothermal or ground source heating, buried loops of pipe draw heat from or send heat into the earth where temperatures are stable year-round. Xylem RCW’s heat exchangers and variable speed controllers help operate these systems. Modern, “active” solar heating systems can transfer heat efficiently from photovoltaic panels to a home’s hot water loop, with crucial help from heat exchangers and DC solar water circulators. Ask your Xylem dealer, distributor, or installer about how to tap into alternative energy sources.

Energy Efficient Pumps
Xylem RCW’s recently introduced line of energy efficient vertical multistage pumps raised the sustainability bar in pump manufacturing, and the kind of eco-friendly engineering enhancements found in these commercial models can be found at the residential level too. For domestic heating and potable water systems, Xylem RCW manufactures a maintenance free circulator that can deliver hot water instantly using as little as 10 watts—about as much power as a night light. These groundbreaking energy savings are made possible by the combination of a permanent magnet spherical motor and exclusive electronically commutated motor technology. Ask your Xylem dealer, distributor, or installer about incorporating an energy efficient pump in your water system.

Variable Speed Pump Controllers
A key to getting energy savings out of any residential water system—whether for hydronic heating, watering/irrigation, or potable water—is to precisely control pumps with a smart, digital controller. Xylem RCW manufactures variable speed controllers for potable water systems that deliver constant water pressure for homes with multiple appliances. We also have hydronic variable speed controllers designed specifically for home heating systems. In all cases, energy savings are found by matching pump speed to system demand. Other advantages of these controllers include less wear on the pumps and less start/stop pump noise. Ask your Xylem dealer, distributor, or installer about fitting a variable speed controller in your system.

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