Five Hot Blog Topics

It’s been nearly a year since we started this blog.  Our intent from the start was to provide HVACR, Building Services, Plumbing, Water Professionals, Engineers and others a network to engage with industry thought-leaders, communicate with colleagues and become part of an online community.

In that amount of time, we have been very pleased with the amount of feedback received from readers (although we always want more) and support from constituents in the industry.

Recently a reader wanted to know if we had noticed any trends or patterns during our time writing the blog.  With that thought, we went back and reviewed our past blogs to discover that there had been reader favorites and ones that presented topics that really engaged the audience.

So, lets take a look back on some of the hot topics we covered. 

  • The Benefits of Building Information Modeling How is Building Information Modeling (BIM) capturing the attention of organizations worldwide involved in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) as well as the owners and operators of buildings, contractors, and HVAC systems designers?
  • Trimming the Pump Impeller Provides Green Advantages Why is trimming the impeller one of best solutions in reducing operating costs and solving other problems such as excessive flow velocity, erosion, and noise?
  • Cavitation: A Case of Nasty Bubbles What is that popping, hissing, swishing and crackling noise you may have heard coming from that pump?  It’s bubbles created from too much vapor in the hydronic loop that are collapsing and causing pressure waves to strike interior pump surfaces.  What can you do to fix the problem?
  • LEED and Water Efficiency How can you become more water efficient and LEED certified? We take a look at the LEED point-based system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council, where points are awarded for meeting the specific requirements of credits in each category.
  • The Lost Art of Steam Heat: It’s Not Dead Yet Guest blogger Dan Holohan writes about the Lost Art of Steam Heat and the things we could do to improve the efficiency of America’s older heating system, without having to knock the place down and start anew.

As we continue to blog about items important to the industry and sometimes things that may be just a bit off center, we ask for your involvement and comments.

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in being a guest blogger or have ideas and topics that might be of interest to our readers.  Our mission continues to be to engage the industry and create a dialogue through social interaction.