No rain, no problem: How complete water solutions help farmers focus on profit

In today’s agricultural market, farmers are faced with continually growing demands, including rising land prices, ever-changing environmental regulations, and the increasing complexity of new technologies. Add weather and climate challenges to the mix, and raising crops becomes an art and a science.

This year, farmers are dealing with severe drought in many areas, and flood issues in others, prompting them to identify ways to be proactive and maximize their financial resources.

Farmers and irrigation specialists are looking to their partners to help them develop long-term water management programs that achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible, while generating profit in a highly efficient manner.

Water efficiency on a farm helps save resources

DID YOU KNOW: One 16 ounce beer comes with a 40 gallon water chaser
The food we eat and the beverages we drink contain virtual water, or the water used to produce them. While there are ways to cut down home water use, large amounts can really be saved when farmers are smart about how they use water resources.

How much water does it take to make 1 pound of:

  • hamburger – 2,029 gallons
  • chicken – 468 gallons
  • apples – 72 gallons
  • tomatoes – 16 gallons
  • bread – 171 gallons
  • cheese – 600 gallons

With more than 45 percent of farmers managing at least 100 acres of land, it’s essential that their resources be reliable to help grow their business, drive profitability and reduce workload. Considering all elements of a successful water or irrigation system when choosing solutions can help impact growth, profitability and efficiency of a farm. Complete water transport systems that support all agricultural applications will return bigger bottom lines and deliver bumper crops.

Products that are part of a complete water system include pressure-boosting sprinklers, drip and flood irrigation, center-pivot systems and water from boreholes, all of which can be implemented for dairy farms, orchards, biofuel applications, livestock and poultry farms, and turf irrigation.

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