Ignoring Social Media Endangers Future Business

That was the headline on the front cover of a recent magazine that lead to an accompanying three-page article explaining why businesses need to embrace social media.

However, what makes this so noteworthy is this that it was not an article in Time or Newsweek, it was an article in a trade magazine theNEWS, that is targeted to heating and cooling contractors! As we all know, many manufacturers in the HVAC marketplace and related industries believe that social media may be fine for Oprah and consumer products but that their target audiences don‘t really use it. They swear up and down that people who work in the ‘field‘ don‘t spend time at a computer and don’t have time to engage in social media.

Unfortunately for these companies, that simply is not the case. Thousands of engineers, contractors, facility managers, and a variety of professionals in all walks of life and all age groups now prefer to get their information, and communicate with colleagues, via social media channels. They also access much of this information on their smart phones, so having a traditional computer is no longer a requirement. In fact, a host of very cool mobile Apps now make it easier for contractors and engineers to do their jobs more effectively, regardless whether they are calculating pump-curves in a commercial building or replacing a pump in a house.

Since you are already actively engaged in social media you know how important it is to engage with your colleagues online. If you’re like me, you are probably engaging with various business groups and learning insightful solutions.  However, I’m curious as to how many of your companies, customers and suppliers are active in social media. I still am surprised that a number of the larger companies don‘t have an effective social media campaign in place.

I think the first line in the aforementioned article says it best – “Social media presents two primary choices: get involved or be left behind”.

I’d be interested in your feedback on this topic. What are you doing for to stay engaged in social media?