What Are You Doing to Prevent Water Leaks and Inconsistent Pressure?

Water leaks and inconsistent water pressure are challenges we all deal with at one time or another.

In today’s building environment nearly all hot and chilled water-circulating systems are designed to operate in sealed networks.

As you know, there are benefits over systems that use feed and expansion tanks to accommodate expansion of water.


Some of the benefits are:

  • Large volumes of water are no longer required to be stored at the top of a building.
  • Expansion vessels can now be used in place of storage tanks, which can be placed anywhere in the building, including the basement where weight is not a problem.
  • The feed and expansion tank being open to atmosphere allow water to evaporate making unnecessary demands on this precious resource.
  • Sealed systems reduce corrosion to a minimum by protecting it from the atmosphere and adding only fresh water to replace losses through leakage.
  • Sealed systems also offer the possibility of operating at higher temperatures if required (max 250oF) which permits lower circulation rates, smaller pumps needed and reduced pipe work dimension with significant cost savings.

When leaks and inconsistent pressure become a problem for business and/or homeowners it results in basement flooding or insufficient water pressure in the shower, and steps can be taken to address leaks and pressurization issues.

A clear solution to combating leaks and poor water pressure is the use of pressurization sets, which are designed for residential and commercial applications, including Lowara Presfix Beta and Alpha Packaged Pressurization Sets.  A primary benefit of implementing a pressurization set is that in the event of system pipe or fitting failures, the units’ flow-limiting devices help prevent flooding.  On some units, the safety circuits also lock out boilers and chillers if high or low pressure occurs.

The pressurization sets replace water that has been lost through system leakage while maintaining system design fill in accordance with industry regulations.  Better yet, these units can be placed anywhere in the building and are capable of interfacing with business management systems.

Have you used a pressurization set in your home or building and if so, what is your experience ?