Helping Make A Difference

Everyone at Xylem was thrilled when the bell-ringing ceremony took place at the New York Stock exchange last week signifying that Xylem was now officially being traded under (NYSE: XYL).


As a company, Xylem debuts as a world leader in water technology, with a broad portfolio of products and services that address the full cycle of water – from the collection, distribution and use of H2O to the return of water to the environment. However, the bell-ringing ceremony also signified the continuation of our Watermark Program and reminded many of the12,000 Xylem employees around the world that we are much more than a corporation that provides energy-efficient, sustainable solutions to our customers.

Watermark is our corporate citizenship and social investment program that was created several years ago to address critical water issues around the world.  It began as a $4 million commitment to make a difference in the lives of people who lack access to safe drinking water.  Working with our first partner, Water For People, and followed by an affiliation with the China Women’s Development Foundation, we brought clean water, better sanitation and hygiene education to 300 schools in China, India and Latin America. In addition, we formed a partnership with another nonprofit, Mercy Corps, to deal with the many water-related crises around the world where our people and technology can offer help.

In addition, when there is a crisis in the world, such as the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan, the Haiti earthquake, and flooding in Honduras , Watermark is often there to provide clean water and assist with sanitation needs.

Since Watermark has founded, we have provided clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to more than 500,000 people in 13 countries.

A very recent example would be two donated water towers in India. Working with our partner Planet Water Foundation, more than twenty Xylem employees from locations across India helped construct the towers, which each provide 10,000 liters of clean, filtered water per day. One tower, installed at Mount View Public School in Madhugiri, will provide water to the school’s children and teachers, as well as to the village of 36,000 people. The second tower, installed at another school in the village of Dodderi, will benefit the village population of 2,700.

We are always very honored to work closely with charitable, nonprofit organizations worldwide to make a difference in people’s lives. Nick Hill, Executive Chairman, Planet Water summarized it best, “At Planet Water Foundation, we are dedicated to projects like this and are thrilled to work with a corporate partner like Xylem. This project is a good example of a global corporation and nonprofit entity leveraging each other’s resources and expertise to benefit a community in need.”

Xylem has adopted an ambitious goal – to serve one million more people through Watermark by 2013. Turning this vision into reality will require collaboration and ingenuity, and we will leverage Xylem’s expertise to get the job done. By bringing utilizing the full range of Xylem’s assets, we can create environments where children can learn and develop without fear of contracting devastating and preventable waterborne diseases. We can mitigate the effect of disasters. We can help communities thrive.

There are many reasons to be proud of our new company, and Xylem Watermark is one of the most visible and important ones.