Mobility Is A Game-Changer

Recently, we held a webinar and one of the comments we received after completion was that, “Today’s cutting-edge building industry takes performance, energy efficiency and cost savings to a new level,” and as far as we are concerned, that is a truly positive assessment.

As you have been reading in our blog over the past month, a major focal point has been technology, innovation and trends.  Much of the blog’s content was derived from conversations with industry thought-leaders dealing with such topics as:


  • Greener Standards
  • Tighter Energy Standards
  • New LEED System
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Better System Integrations & Automation
  • Private-Public Partnerships
  • More, Better Training

One such technology that we mentioned in a recent blog from AHR Expo was how prevalent the use of mobile technology has become.  The number of companies that have developed mobile applications (apps) and/or software to streamline and automate processes for HVACR professionals seems to have multiplied dramatically.  Why?  Well, as many HVACR professionals have discovered, incorporating mobile technology into their businesses can significantly increase productivity and profitability.

With mobility becoming so ubiquitous at such a rapid pace, it’s not a matter of if it will have a profound impact on HVACR professionals; it is a matter of when.  And, by the look of the number of companies with this technology now available, the time is rapidly approaching.

Some industry professionals already have found accessing apps over Smartphone eliminates the need for expensive hardware, software and special hand-held devices.  Since the apps download to a Smartphone, they are available 24/7 regardless of server or phone-service connection issues.

Hundreds of Smartphone apps exist for the marketplace, ranging from software that helps owners manage their businesses more effectively to highly technical apps on how to install equipment at jobsites. These various apps are designed to help companies increase worker productivity in the field, improve customer satisfaction, enhance training and generate new sales leads.

A few applications available to help HVACR contractors, technicians and facility managers in the field or on the go include:

  • Belt-efficiency calculators
  • Cap-tube resizing calculators
  • Fuel-cost calculators
  • Duct-sizing calculators
  • System Syzer piping systems
  • Fan-law calculators
  • HVAC-operating cost calculators
  • Steam calculators
  • Voltage-drop calculators
  • Wire-size calculators
  • Field service automation
  • Residential load calculators
  • Pressure/temperature calculators
  • ROI calculators

These are just a few of the many apps that we saw at AHR Expo and it is important to note that different versions are available depending on the developers.

What all this means to the HVACR professional is that regardless of whether it is work in the field or in the office, we all need to be aware of mobile technology and its implications of integrating them into our businesses.

What is your favorite business mobile app?