Blogging: The Audience Favorites


It’s always interesting to see what people are reading on the XylemKnowsH2O blog. Recently, we were asked a question about our blog.  The audience member asked if there were can’t miss XylemKnowsH2O blogs that he should read. Thanks for the question! It’s great to engage with our readers and we hope more of you do this.

As a weekly blog, we cover a lot of topics that are pertinent to various audiences in the HVAC and water industry. For us, it’s all about creating useful content for the industry professional. But, to identify our favorites would be difficult. So, we decided to pull the numbers to see if there had been any trends or patterns. In reviewing our past blog stats we discovered certain reader favorites based on unique views.

So, let’s take a look back on some of the most viewed blogs we’ve covered on XylemKnowsH2O (in no particular order).

Why Bother With Hydronic Balancing? This blog featured tips and resources for today’s new HVAC systems, which are designed with individually controlled temperature zones to improve occupant comfort.

Understanding The New Standard For Green Buildings There has been a great deal of buzz recently about the new ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1-2011 for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings. In this blog we attempted to boil it down to the basic key elements.

Xylem Steps Up To The Tee To Support Veterans Golf Course Rehabilitation Program At 2012 GIS A big favorite, probably due to the fact it involved golf and our Veterans. This blog highlighted activities at the 2012 Golf Show in Las Vegas and more the Xylem pump donation.

Live Burn Demo Reinforces The Critical Need For Sprinkler Systems This highlighted a “live burn demo” at our Xylem plant in Morton Grove, Illinois. It included a video and reminded all of us, including the dozens of fire fighters in attendance, how devastating fires can be and how important sprinkler systems are.

Energy Efficiency: You Say Po-Tay-To, I Say Po-Tot-To This blog reviewed how building managers define what the word ‘Green’ means to them, and how they all want to make their buildings as energy efficient as possible. Included were excellent resources that HVACR professionals can use to improve performance strategies from ASHRAE’s “Energy Efficiency Guide for Existing Commercial Buildings: The Business Case for Building Owners and Managers”.

As we continue to blog about items important to the industry we ask for your continued involvement, questions and comments. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in being a guest blogger or have ideas and topics that might be of interest to our readers.