World Water Leaders Collaborate on Solutions

As we previewed in last week’s blog, Xylem recently participated in Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), which brought over 15,000 policymakers, industry leaders, experts, and practitioners together to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities, and celebrate achievements in the water world.

One of the key findings, which we’ve discussed in previous blogs, was that more and more business leaders are now taking the topic of managing water much more seriously. Increasing concerns about the scarcity of the world’s most precious resource are being felt in boardrooms around the world.

The need for big business to become more invested in finding solutions to more efficient and sustainable water management was addressed throughout the event, including many new products and technologies being unveiled on the show floor.

As one of the sponsors of SIWW, we shared many innovative water management solutions in our booth, reinforcing our company theme of “Let’s Solve Water”. We also participated in leadership panels and announced partnerships that would develop the smart optimization of water networks.

As we all know, a lot more can be done to improve how water is managed in the industrial arena, and events like this are a great opportunity for the water industry to collaborate on the development and implementation of sustainable water solutions.

Some of Xylem’s activities at SIWW designed to help provide solutions to these pressing needs included:

  • Introducing YSI EcoMapper AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), which provides an effective and efficient solution for contained bodies of water or near-shore applications.
  • Introducing PCI Membranes Tubular Membrane Filtration Technology, which offers solutions for a wide variety of filtration applications using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies.
  • Announcing partnership with Visenti Pte LTD of Singapore to develop the smart optimization of water networks by utilizing energy-efficient technology and smart sensing platforms.
  • Announcing preliminary test results of a two-year Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) pilot study with PUB, Singapore’s national water agency.
  • Highlighting Xylem Analytics’ offerings and how the brand knows precisely what is in water is a critical factor to “solving water”.

If you were not able to make it to SIWW, please visit our virtual website to see what you missed.