Analytics – YSI & Global Water Instrumentation

Xylem Analytics is a leading manufacturer of field, portable, online and laboratory analytical instrumentation. Formed following the acquisition of Nova Analytics in March 2010, Xylem Analytics is part of Xylem’s Fluid Technology offering.

The company is committed to providing its expertise to enable its customers to succeed. With extensive experience of supplying total solutions for regulated environments, Xylem Analytics’ quality products help customers comply with confidence. A complete portfolio enables Xylem Analytics to address its customers’ operating and monitoring needs.

Xylem Analytics’ products are sold under a range of globally recognized brands. By bringing them into the Xylem stable, the company provides increased focus on the brands and long-term support that its customers can rely on.


Xylem Analytics’ brands offer a complete line of monitoring, measuring and analytical instrumentation for use in the field, in the laboratory and online including meters, electrodes, titrators, spectrophotometers, colorimeters, polarimeters, viscometers, refractometers, temperature equipment and dataloggers.

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Global Water Instrumentation Products:

WP9012 Purging Ground Water Pump –

WL650 Sonic Level Meter –

WL500 Water Level Sounder –

WL16 USB Water Level Logger –

GP1352 Ground Water Pump –

Multi 3430 Set G –

Photoflex/Turbidity Meter –

FP311 Flow Probe –

3-channel data logger GL500-2-1U –

RM100 Radio Telemetry System –

WQ730 Turbidity –

GL500-7-2 Multi-Channel Data Logger –



WQ-Cond –

WQ201-pH –

WQ730 Turbidity –

WQ101 Water Temp –

WL400 Water Level –


YSI products

Professional Plus –

Pro2030 –

Pro 20 –

Pro 30 –

ProODO –


DO200A –

pH100A –

EC300A –

ORP15A –

pH10A –

EC30A –

9300 photometer –

Level Scout-

556 –