Xylem Unveils the Goulds Water Technology Aquavar SPD Plus Variable Speed Pump Controller

Developed specifically for commercial above-ground centrifugal and submersible well systems

Xylem has unveiled the Goulds Water Technology Aquavar SPD Plus variable speed pump controller. Designed for the professional pump installer and built for demanding conditions in a wide range of applications, the SPD Plus is the newest addition to the Goulds Water Technology product line of variable speed pump controllers.

Click Here to open and download the Aquavar SPD Plus Brochure

Developed specifically for commercial submersible and above-ground centrifugal pumps, the SPD Plus adjusts motor speed to match the hydraulic needs of the system, maintains pressure, substantially reduces energy draw during lower flow, and allows the pump to run at its highest efficiency. Additional features include:

  • Easy Set-up – Pre-set for submersible or surface motor characteristics and featuring a pre-wired and tested transducer, the total set-up time is less than 30 minutes.
  • True Motor Match – The SPD Plus is rated for the higher amp requirements typical of submersible pumps.
  • Dual Phase Input – 230V drives can be used on either three-phase or single- phase power supplies. Drives are UL listed for either configuration.
  • Flexible enclosure offerings – NEMA 3R for outdoor rated enclosures rated to 122oF, without de-rating the drive. NEMA 1 for indoor rated enclosure providing flexibility for use indoors or mounting within a user supplied enclosure.
  • Remote Monitoring – External monitors may be connected to the drive for monitoring pump speed (4-20 mA output based on speed), pump run and system fault.
  • No Water Restart – The SPD Plus has the capability to adjust the time delay in between each “dry well” fault. Adjustable from 10 minutes to one hour between restarts compensates for wells with slow recovery rates.

Designed for multiple applications, the Aquavar SPD Plus provides pump professionals with flexibility and energy-savings for such applications as:

  • Irrigation – Irrigation applications use both submersible and surface pumps. The SPD Plus can control standard    4″ and 6″ submersible motors as well as turbine pumps. The SPD Plus can also control surface mount centrifugal pumps up to 100 HP.
  • Rural Water – Rural water districts often pump ground water from community wells with single pumps of less than 50 HP. Many have a single water tower, which limits system pressure during peak periods or at remote ends of the distribution system. The SPD Plus can automatically compensate for demand variations with either submersible or surface boosters.
  • Building Booster – Commercial buildings of less than ten stories may require supplemental pressure to offset what is provided by the municipal system either on a permanent basis, or during periods of peak demand.
  • Agriculture – Commercial farms for crops or livestock require a reliable source of irrigation, feeding or cooling water. Dairy, turkey, chicken, beef and various commercial crops all require a constant source of water with varying demands throughout the season.
  • Retro Fit – Replace existing constant speed control panels. Upgrade your simplex commercial water system with the easy to use SPD Plus Constant Pressure Controller.
  • Phase Converter – When only 1Ø power is available but 3Ø operation is desired for lower amps and smaller wire size.

“The Aquavar SPD Plus now extends our single-pump drive product range to 100HP.  This provides effective solutions for installers who specify or install pumps for rural homeowners who want to improve or increase their water pressure during peak times,” said Kyle Schoenheit, senior product manager, Xylem Applied Water Systems.