Split Case Fire Pumps

8100 Series horizontal split case fire pumps


  • UL listed and FM approved
  • 100 to 3000 gpm, 40 to 230 psi
  • Cast Iron Bronze Fitted, Ductile Iron “H” casing option for high pressure
  • Flex coupled
  • Electric motor or diesel engine driven
  • Common flange centerline
  • Single piece stuffing box

AC Fire Pump offers a range of split case pumps with spacing-saving designs to simplify pump room layout. The 8100 Series fire pump is designed to provide water to stand pipe, sprinkler, chemical mitigation and hydrant systems for fire suppression in industrial and commercial facilities. Suction and discharge flanges are on a common centerline for easy installation. Impellers are dynamically balanced to reduce vibration and potential wear. In compliance with NFPA #20, UL, ULC, FM and ANSI.

Performance Curves

    25 GPM

    50 GPM

    100 GPM

    150 GPM

    200 GPM

    500 GPM

    750 GPM

    1000 GPM

    1250 GPM

    1500 GPM

    2000 GPM

    2500 GPM

    3000 GPM

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